this is my website

I use it to learn new web tech and document my journey.

I've been interested in web design and JavaScript for over 20 years. Though only recently have I committed the time to really learn programming.

Coming from an art background, I remember visiting a large web development company in Seattle, Washington. My graphic design professor was the lead designer there and was giving my class a tour. I vividly remember seeing a computer screen with a mess of code, and in that moment, I was so glad to be studying graphic design and not programming!

Now it feels like a missed opportunity. If I could relive that moment as the person I am now, I would have dove in and have seen what that guy was working on. Even though it may have taken a while to sink in, I'm finally committed to pushing my programming skills forward and I'm excited for where it will take me.


  • 01-03 Columbia Basin College — Art Program — Drawing, painting and a bit of sculpture.
  • 03-04 Cornish College of the Arts — Graphic Design Program — What you need a subscription for Illustrator now?!?
  • 04-05 Wenatchee Community College — Pomology Program — Fruit trees are cool and so are the people who grow them.


  • 05-Present Hooks Crane Service, Inc — Owner, Operator, Oiler and Bookkeeper — Yep... its just me over here